What is Game Findr?

No matter where you are in the world, find people to get together and play for favorite games

  • Tons Of Games

    Magic: The Gathering, Yugioh!, Warhammer 40K, Dungeons & Dragons, Catan, Cards Against Humanity and so many more! We Take your suggestions too!

  • Interactive

    Keep a list of your friends, plan your next meetup, or just chat about the games you love. Have some specific feeback about a player? You can leave thumbs up and down based on your interaction as well as a few lines explaining! Game Findr not only lets you connect with people who love the same games but it also lets you do a bit of research beforehand.

  • Customizable Profile

    Search on a wide variety of factors, change not only what game you wish to play but even a specific format. Trying to find a game of Magic The Gathering but want to play specifically Commander? We've got you covered. Change your mind and want to play some D&D, it's just a few simple clicks to locate a game in your area.

  • Works Anywhere In The World

    Are you from the United States but traveling abroad for a few months? Have you relocated cities? Are you traveling for work or pleasure but want to sneak in a game of Catan, Yugioh!, or MTG? With a few simple clicks, instantly find people in your area and arrange a meetup!

More Features Of Game Findr

These are just some of the amazing features available to you totally free at launch and we're always adding more!

Totally Free on Android & Iphone

Start meeting people worldwide on your android or idevice

Customizable Profile

Set your own profile picture, add a little information about yourself, have fun!

Expandable Search Range

Looking For Someone Close? Willing To Drive a little way? Search up to 50km!

Feedback System

Rate your experience with a player. Read how others have rated their time.

Consistant Updates

Bug fixes, new games, new features and so much more added all the time

On Screen Alerts

Have a new match? Get instantly notified on someone wishing to play!

Why This App Exists

After being a member of the Magic: The Gathering Youtube community for several years as MTGHeadQuarters I kept hearing over and over how hard it was for many people to find a game. Sure, some cities offer local game stores, making it easy to find a group to play your favorite game but many people were without, or their local game store didn't support the game they wished to play. There were several key reasons the need for this app became apparent

  • Local Game Store Didn't Support A Specific Game
  • Existing Community Was Toxic or Unwelcoming
  • People Were Moving Or Traveling & Still Wanted To Play
  • No Easy Way To Locate Other Players Of Games You Love
  • New To A Game Looking For Other Players

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